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Strong authentication is the safety of the modern world. Recently finnish company Veikkaus, a huge goverment owned gambling company, published the news that everyone who plays their games will need to be strongly authenticated. Without Smartcards this would be almost impossible.

“Smartcard verifies and identifies you, and tells to the other party it is definitely you”



Smartcard solves most of the identification problems. Like credit card, it can authenticate you – especially when pin code is requested, or face recognition from your smartphone. There is no reason why it would not be used in every day authentication.

Smartcard that has been developed well, is a safe place to maintain passwords, keys and all personal information. Card will handle the processes that user should not need to do without being secured and protected. Like paying.

Our Smartcard offers possibility to protect all this with PIN code, fingerprint or facial recognition. This all will be done using high-speed internet connections – or in some cases with no connection whatsoever.