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Spear Innovations technology products listed below. Spear Innovations is Fudan Microelectronics distributor in Europe, with exclusivity in Nordic and Baltic regions. Our product range covers a multitude of chip- and semiconductor components.

Security and Identification

Security and identification product line of FMSH has taken shape in such 3 product series as identification and memory, smart and security and identification readers based on the technology including self-owned MCU core, EEPROM, RF. Fudan Microelectronics has developed over 20 types of products ranging from contact/contactless/dual-interface CPU card to contactless readers, SMAP mobile payment and etc. Over 10 billion piece of chips have been shipped to market in medical insurance, e-purse, transportation, ID and etc.

Smart Meters

Fudan Microelectronics Group is the first chip design company that starts the smart meter ASIC design, application and sales. The company has developed the smart meters MCU chip, which is specially used on the smart meter, e-PLC chip,ESAM (embedded security control module) chip, contact / contactless CPU card chip, contactless reader chip and EEPROM memory chips etc. Shipments of smart meter ASIC chip exceeds 100 million since it launched in 2003, that has been used in several countries of the world.


Fudan Microelectronics is the leading supplier of memory products, and now has a complete NVM product line.

In collaboration with our high quality fab partners, we provide reliable NVM products to many customers all overthe world. now promoting four major product lines :

  • EEPROM (Density 1kbit-1024kbit);
  • SPI NOR Flash (Density 0.5Mbit-256Mbit);
  • NAND Flash (Density0.5Gbit-8Gbit);

Specific Analog Circuits

FMSH’s current dedicated artificial circuits have extensive coverage and complete functions, including earth leakage protection device, lighting circuit, auto & motorcycle circuit, communication circuit, consumer electronics etc.

Please find technical details from the following link. Chip properties, technical details and specs and be found here. Please submit your email to us and we will be in touch!