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Authentication is part of our everyday life – more and more work is done from home or during our travels. Equipment and services that work fluently are essential. Companies need to be sure that employees have safe and secure connections to the company’s solutions and cloud services.
We’ve gathered below a preview of our strong authentication product portfolio.
Our offering contains many other services as well, quickest way to get more information is to get in touch with our sales team!


Our products smartcard and UBS-tag are based on SpearID solution, that is built on Spear Innovations Oy Ltd developed technology.


Safe and compliant solution for strong authentication uses

Safe and compliant solution for personal and employees strong authentication and trust services. Can be used with general authentication services for example in internet.

Suitable also for government-grade authentication solutions and Tax-ID related regulation services.

All our solutions can be customized for functionality, appearance and design based on your requirements.


Ready to Use Strong Authentication Card

Highly secure and compliant solution for any employee’s strong authentication and user management for your organisation. Excellent solution for remote work control and safety of offices across the organization.

SpearID smartcard can be used in combination of the USB-tag. Both can be administrated through operating systems.

Are you wondering how this new generation smartcard work with your current setup? Would you like to do a proof-of-concept on the ease of daily routines and remote work?

SpearID Starter Pack is an easy and affordable way to see how everything works in practice.


Secure authentication at a gate or door 

Safe and compliant solution for authentication in access control. Well suited for physical access control systems, bringing a much needed upgrade in security and authentication.

SpearKey security technology is at the same level as SpearID, but does not include personal identification data. SpearKey can be compared to a key, that is virtually impossible to copy – unlike most of the access cards used today.


Cloud-based access control and smart locking system for doors

Our offering also includes stylish wireless smart locks for every door, which can be opened via smartcard or smartphone with ease.

  • No NFC or Bluetooth connection is required, operates via a smart app on your phone.
  • Smart locks operate via a wireless connection to a cloud-based access management system.
  • Good interfaces to different reservation, booking and different physical access systems used in your organization.
  • Suitable also for a variety of locking mechanisms (from any manufacturer) should you wish to include a physical lock as well.

Highly reliable, compliant and stylish locking mechanism for example offices, hotels and apartment-complexes.


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