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Spear Innovations products are based on latest technological innovations. Spear Innovations is Fudan Microelectronics exclusive distributor in Nordics and Baltics. Get to know more of the technology we use here.

SpearID - Smart Card or Token

Our strong authentication smart card or USB-stick can have the highest level of trust when it comes to personal identification. The technology is based on international PKI-standard.


SpearMeter - Smart Meters

Our newest technology is the smart meters that are applicable for food transports or smart clothing.


Spear Innovations delivers the reader solutions also. Our product line consist of Identiv and BridgePoint readers.


Many of our products are designed for IoT use. SpearID chip can grant identity to any equipment or even your microwave. Ask for more Spear IoT.

Spear ID FIDO2 PKI token

SpearID - PKI & FIDO2

Our PKI & FIDO2-stick is one of our most popular products. FIDO-standard makes online service authentication easy and secure.

Let’s arrange a product demo and we will tell more about our products. Please leave your email and we will get back to you!