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Spear Identification
Master of Indetification
Chip Technology
Invincible Chip Technology
Web Threaths
Say No to Web Threaths
No more passwords
No More Passwords

Strong Authentication

Password login is ancient history. Strong Authentication will guard your information from the unwanted outsiders.

  • Fast and secure login at the desktop and servers
  • Secure remote access
  • Secure cloud access
  • Mobile authentication


Access Management

Access Management with Strong Authentication.


  • Strong identity verification and access at the door
  • Cloud-based physical access control
  • Smart locking solutions
  • Mobile controlled doors

Chips & Semiconductors



  • Smartcards and chips
  • USB-tokens and keys
  • RFID and NFC chips, smart labels and tags
  • IoT identity chips and sensors

Spear Innovations is Fudan Microelectronics distributor in Europe, with exclusivity in Nordic and Baltic regions.